Saturday, October 25, 2014

Halloween Movie Blog #25 Tim Burton Batman

Hello and welcome to my Halloween movie blog. This time we are covering everything Batman! You know this series really does inspire a fright and no one is quite as capable as Tim Burton himself! The original two major Batman movies were a new take on the series with the earlier versions being a little campy and more funny than scary. These two films brought a reimagining to the series that we did not have access to before.
The first of the two follows batman's creation having his family killed by a gangster that later on...thanks to batman falls into a vat of chemicals changing him into the psychotic joker. The Joker goes around on his murderous rampage through gotham city leaving it up to batman as the only one that can stop him.
The Portrayals of Batman and the Joker here are very well done. Many people try and point out that the portrayal in the Dark Knight is the best ever by the joker but to me Jack Nicholson's is the most spot on when it comes to the comics. He is well dressed and whimsical and much less streat person than the Dark Knight Portrayal. Though many felt he filmed in his performance I think that Jack doing what he does best is what we needed as a good joker. This set the tone for a creepy scary version of the series. The balloon scene to this day still gives me the chills.
 Burton keeps up his progress by doing the less successful sequel and end to good batman movies until Batman Begins enters the scene. Batman Returns features the reimagined Penguin and Catwoman both coming out of the woodwork to provide their own brand of chaos to the city. The Penguin is a killer trying to set himself up as a politician and Catwoman is more of a vengeance type. Either way Batman must confront these baddies and put them down before the city gets put down.
Many would be a little saddened at the portrayal of the Penguin as a dirty much more creepy version of the character. I would say to those critics that if they liked the portrayal of the Joker in Dark Knight then they should love this version of the Penguin as this is pretty much the same take basic spin. I am not that happy with what they did but boy did it make the scene creepy.
Of course catwoman was really changed forever due to this sexy costume making her the profile of sex that was adapted poorly in the Catwoman movie. This is not a bad portrayal but it is a different one and that should be well known. In the end if you are looking for something creepy check these films out again.

Creepy Factor - 7/10
Entertainment Value - 7/10
Scare Factor - 6/10

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