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Halloween Gaming Blog #6 Resident Evil Series Part 3

Welcome back again for Part 3 of our Resident Evil Blog. There are only two parts left so hang on tight and enjoy the build up into a new era.
Well when we left off the Dreamcast was slaying the competition with the best graphics and a few really good games that had put it into the forefront of the gaming wars. Well on the heels of this came the playstation 2 and the x-box sporting stronger graphics and a smoother engine to run things with. They took hold of Code Veronica and made it into something of their own.
Code Veronica X sported HD technology so the graphics were a tad smoother plus they also put in different modes of play making the game more beatable. This was just another nail in the Dreamcast coffin. Eventually Dreamcast went under and Sega Got out of the game system business for good.
Well Nintendo decided that its Nintendo 64 play out didn't really add up and with a new hand held system on the line they had to get in one last shot with the Game Boy Color. This was Resident Evil Gaiden. Believe it or not I have actually beaten this game and have a full knowledge of it. This game allowed you to revisit Leon for the first time since the second game and of course Barry who's return really hoped to sell this new entry.
With Lower levels of graphics the action had to be presented a little bit differently. You roamed around RPG style running into the monsters the going into a battle screen where your timing was tested with a moving target. When the target was over your target you tried to hit the button on time. The more powerful the weapon the faster the target moved. This game took place on a cruise shit (yeah we'll be seeing this again) and you had to solve the mystery and the T-Virus.
Remember how Nintendo fell flat on its face during its last two attempts to break its reputation as the baby system? Well with the release of the gamecube Nintendo decided that it was time to take off the gloves. No more green blood no more holding back this time it was no hold's barred gloves off attempt to reclaim their former glory. With that Resident Evil was born. This game was a remake of the original game in an attempt to bring the original real life and to pair it with another close time release. This game came out to a vast fanfare that showed that Nintendo had decided not to stay down.
This game rocked on visuals still wowing players to this day with crisp environment haunting shadows and gruesome detail thought impossible of Nintendo in the past. This was no longer the original, it was greater sporting a longer more in depth story and harder gameplay with zombies having to be burned or else they would come back later even nastier than before. This game took the gaming world by storm and redefined the series yet not as much as the next title...
Resident Evil Zero was finally born. This game had a lot of rumors to come out on the Nintendo 64 but was delayed for the stronger power of the Gamecube. This game stars Rebecca the cute and bumbling medic from the first game. It covers the adventures of the original recon team on their initial checkout of the Raccoon city murders. Apparently Rebecca had been hiding the fact that she was a total badass  as discovered in this game. She and her team get separated and thus she hooks up with an escaped convict making a truce as they work to survive and escape the horrors.
 This game also sported amazing graphics that are still impressive much like the original. This game also introduced a new aspect that would be a staple of the series for all time team play. You could switch back and forth utilized the system to solve puzzles and complete story tasks. This was an excellent method of story telling and resulted in a new depth of gameplay. This game became much more fun than the original remake.
The Nintendo people decided to go off and continue their release schedule. This time they decided to re-release resident evil 2. This time the game wasn't really improved other than the fact you didn't have to change discs.
We also got Resident Evil 3 re-released on the gamecube. This again wasn't really anything new but again if you had a gamecube you could update your existing copies with slightly faster loading times.
Playstation didn't take this lying down. They realized that they could have had a major issue and lost the franchise. They decided to continue with that wonderful know that total failure that was called Survivor with a sequel game Called Dead Aim. This game is the second story that decides to fall on a cruise liner. Cruise ship full of zombies and a new fangled bio weapon? What's not to love?

 This game decided to go a different direction from its predecessor which included a third person exploration with a aim and shoot method that you loved from the first game. In reality this combined aspects from Survivor and Gaiden. This game was a vast improvement on the first becoming a fun romp that was over waaaay to quickly. Sadly this game failed to add up as expected and one would think that the series would die here but we shall see much later how that ended up.
Playstation decided it needed to continue to work on its found online content by adding on Outbreak a new multiplayer Resident Evil experience. You got to joint a bunch of friends in Raccoon city to kill zombies and hunt bio-monsters.
This was a quire innovative Experience allowing you to play different classes and grade ammo and upgrades online. In the end though online play is a bit outplayed by the soon to be outdated system. The Playstation 2 was on the way out with Wii coming it had only a few new things.
Gamecube decided to fight back against these weak releases with one of its final games and it was amazing. Resident Evil 4 was born. This game sported amazing graphics and continued the co-op system but this time with a slightly more annoying partner. The perspective changed making it a slightly more first person shooter yet not quit having you look over the main character's shoulder. Resident evil took its first step into becoming an action game. Adding weapon upgrades and a new game + feature this really revolutionized the game showing Nintendo's major contribution.
This game followed Leon as he goes through spain and discovers a new type of the virus called Las Plaga. And though Wesker made his first reappearance in Veronica he makes it known about his presence this time. Also you get to utilize Ada wong again in this feature. Scary new plague monster wielding weaponry vastly outstrips the past zombies and makes this a far scarier game.
Well Playstation didn't take this laying down. They decided to make two last entries in their portfolio for the playstation 2. Resident Evil Outbreak had a lukewarm reception at best and the better graphics version that followed didn't really add up much either.
Still this was an update that really showed what was left of the playstation 2's power. The real ender was the next release and the last that they did on that system.
This version was a great upgrade worthy of the Director's cut version of the game. This version had more upgrade options and smoother gameplay that had been lacking on the original. This is still considered the superior version of the game. Well this is the end of this generation of Resident Evil Games. Next Blog will concentrate on the next version.

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