Sunday, October 12, 2014

Halloween Gaming Blog #12 Slender man The Arrival

Ok I know this is controversial after the killings I am linking it to other pop culture killings to put out there that a killer game is not necessarily directly linked to causing you to go on a killing spree. My main objective here is to bring you scary games for the halloween season and Slinder man: the Arrival fills the void.  
This game has you investigating a mystery taking you back when you were a little kid playing with your sister jumping at shadows. You come upon the woods at night and as you collect items more disturbing images confront you to where eventually the evil Slender Man appears to finish you.
This place is filled with very disturbing images with your running around and trying to hide from the evil hunting you until you can collect all the pieces of paper that you need in order to win. This takes to various spooky settings and utilizes effects as Slender Man comes after you to make you more anxious as time goes on. This is perfect for a nice play through in the dark alone.
The biggest issue is it takes a while before anything happens and it can be a tad Boring. I will site also that it may be a little too soon and many may wish to refrain from this as it had been the inspiration for someone like with the time that many wishes to give Dark Knight Rises it may be too soon. But I would keep this on the radar for next year as it is nowhere near going away.

Creep Factor - 9/10
Entertainment Value - 6/10
Scare Factor - 8/10

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