Thursday, October 2, 2014

Halloween Movie Blog #2 Darkness Falls

Hello again and welcome to #2 in our Halloween 30 odd days of horror! This time we have the thriller Darkness falls. This movie was chosen as we were looking for something and I came upon it as we were sitting in bed that night. I was informed this movie was pretty lame yet had a few basic scares. As I had been getting home from a long shift and it was unknown as to weather I would get a movie in later I decided to give this one a go.
This is a movie that starts in a quaint little sea side town/city of Darkness Falls. This town is a special place as it is the home of an older woman who was known as the tooth fairy as she gave out gold coins to children who gave her their missing teeth. Things turned a tad dark as the town folk decided to burn her when two of the children had gone missing. Now the vengeful ghost continues to do the work taking teeth and leaving money...that is unless you look at her face and then she seeks her vengeance by killing everyone. Our star is a child who looked at the tooth fairy's face and now cannot sleep without light as the fairy stalks him in the shadows. It has been a time but the fairy is out to kill a new child and he must do what he can to face his dark past and save this innocent.
Well lets talk a little bit about the creep factor in this series. I am really interested in the premise. The monster in this is fun and creepy at the same time going on a blood thirsty killing spree taking out whoever wanders into the shadows. The way the monster looks with the creepy mask and flowing robes mix well with the shadows and the sneak attacks. This monster really does make you fear the darkness and turn on the lights.
The other characters in the film are sort of likable. The female lead is ok playing the typical clueless friend holding on to her love until her childhood sweetheart returns from the mental hospital. The main character is fairly well written and not terribly acted. You are together with many of these for the entire film but at the same time you have to also care about them or the scares are not as effective. I would say the point here is not so much. 
Well we have a lot of creepy here so lets see how this adds up.

Creep Factor     7/10    - We have our creepy little town with plenty of shadows for our evil tooth fairy to hide in and make a final plea for freedom. 

Entertainment Value   6/10 - Nothing new here but at the same time we have a look at a nice scary ghost story. 

Scare Factor 6/10 - We have a scary ghost hiding in the shadows so plenty of jump scares here yet still I feel they could do more. 

In the end a good simple scare film for you all to watch and enjoy. 

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