Monday, October 27, 2014

Halloween Gaming Blog #27 The Suffering

Hello again this is the gaming blog for the nation and I am saving one of the best for the near the end. I have played a lot of survival horror and I have beaten some survival horror but this is one of the better survival horror games. It may have had a crappy sequel but nothing can touch the original that made the world cringe...the suffering.
In the suffering you are playing a convict on the way to death row. You are taken to the prison and left to wait for your fate when suddenly a massive earthquake hits the prison. Suddenly the prison is crawling with evil demons ready to eat alive anyone cop or convict that they can get their hands on. You have the choice of helping prisoners, guards or both in this massive survival horror game. Will you get to the bottom of the crazies that have invaded the prison? Will you find out what really happened the night your wife was murdered? We shall see...
This game has a lot of open gameplay giving you plenty of weapon and item options building on the old school horror and mixing it with action and slaughter. You can turn into a monster and rip your way through the enemies or go around with double tommy guns mowing them down. This game has a lot to explore and a plethora of hidden bonuses.
 This game is also terribly imaginative from being able to turn into a psychotic monster that represents your inner demons and evolved with the choices you make to the monsters that were based off of different methods of execution. This game has cool story options that leave you with three endings. If you play the good guy you are innocent and didn't kill your wife now if you are evil not only did you kill your wife you were lovin every minute of it. This game is still one of my all time favorites and if you have a PS2 or can get a PC copy play this game.

Creep Factor - 8/10
Entertainment Value - 9/10
Scare Factor - 7/10

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