Sunday, October 12, 2014

Halloween Movie Blog #12 Dolls

Well I had thought about doing the Child's play series or at least starting it today but decided instead to dedicate this one to a movie that has just been re-released by Scream Factory which I recommend you check them out as they are Awesome! I love how many of these classic horror films are finding new life on blu ray and this is no exception. I remember watching this film as a child and having difficulty sleeping at night after it was done as you can always feel the little eyes upon you!
Well we start this like we do any suitable horror film on a dark and stormy night where a family is driving and gets stuck in the mud. They come upon a conveniently placed house that is home to a doll maker and his wife and are offered a room for the night. They are joined by other house guests that are taking shelter from the storm. Some of the guests decide to be less than decent people and they pick a fight with the dolls what they don't know is that the dolls will fight back. 
This film continues to fret you out as a kid. It has all the classic stuff to it a dark and scary house and lots of living dolls. Let's look at the backdrop first I mean you couldn't put this movie in a scarier setting. This has a lot of shadows with a creepy workshop and an even creepier. You have to love this setup for a good scare.
You know I have to admit this is the weak part. I think Stephen King is successful as you tend to care more about the characters so you worry a bit about them dying. Only two of the characters in this are even likable and they are the comic relief and the little girl. So in the end you kind of get that "they are getting what they are coming to them" vibe.
Ok now to the real shiner in this movie, the dolls and what they do. These dolls move they smile they have razor teeth they are everything Anabell should have been. Then the dolls take their victims and turn them into more dolls as seen above. This is a really creepy very nasty story.
In the end this is a treat from childhood that I recommend to everyone as it is seeing new light.

Creep Value - 9/10
Entertainment Value - 7/10
Scare Value - 8/10

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